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About Manusonic

With a background in human capital management, the founders of Manusonic saw an opportunity to create time and attendance solutions that revealed more than just who was late or absent.

Combined with their understanding of back-office ERP systems, they created a bespoke time and attendance solution that could be custom-tailored to the needs of each client.

Along the Way We Discovered What We’re All About

Looking back after over 15 years in business, that first application reflects everything Manusonic is about today.

Sector-Specific Workforce Management Solutions Custom-Fitted for Each Client

We quickly realized that every sector, and every business, has unique requirements for what’s become known as workforce management. Today, we offer custom solutions to businesses in sectors as varied and specific as long term care, hospitality, manufacturing, and engineering.

Easy Integration & Implementation

A new, customized solution must also fit and communicate with your existing systems and applications like it was built just for them. So we did that. Now you have a time and attendance solution that plugs into your IT systems and is conversant with your payroll, job costing, accounting and HR systems, to name just a few.

Robust Solutions

Our solutions are designed and built to be usable and relevant today and tomorrow. That means dust, dirt and heat aren't an issue. It means you can continue to rely on the security of facial recognition even when everyone wears a mask. It means that, as your workforce evolves and grows, you have a solution that grows with it.

Enduring Relationships

We seek out robust partnerships too. The right ones truly are greater than the sum of their parts. And we include our suppliers, workforce and clients in our partnership chain. Living up to relationships built over time, mutual respect and cooperation is as rewarding as anything we do as a business.

Our Partners

Manusonic is committed to providing quality products and services. To achieve this goal, we understand the
importance of developing strong partnerships in the industry.

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What our customers say

Manusonic took away all the manually processing from the payroll team by giving us a tool to access punches that are happening at the at every property directly into the payroll system.
It also allows for seamless flexibility with our constantly changing markets in hospitality, workers must be available to work anywhere on the fly.

Susie Goodwin, Director I.T. Pomeroy Lodging

Manusonic rapidly configured a modern time and attendance solution that enforces the overtime and break laws in each state.
The seamless integration with Sage 300 saves us hours of data entry and enables us to cost efficiently scale the business

Dennis Chong, Director, IT Services

The hand punch system has been very well received by our staff. It feels less intrusive than a fingerprint system, yet has the security we were looking for.

Helen Schols, Controller The Best Western Lamplighter Inn