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Forestry & Mining

Your Business is Unique – You Need Unique, Customized Time & Attendance Solutions

You have operations in different locations. Your people work on different projects, and in different roles and different phases of the project. How do you track and manage their scheduling, time and attendance—one of your largest costs of doing business?

Effective Time & Attendance Tools Customized to Meet Your Business Objectives

You need reliable hardware that can tolerate the harsh environments of mills and mines. You need software that automatically integrates data collected from across your operations and existing systems. You need functionality that is specific to your business. Manusonic’s scheduling, and time and attendance solutions are all you need.


Workforce Management Solutions for Forestry & Mining Operations

It takes a variety of reliable, integrated solutions to accurately record and analyze the time and attendance data for your business so you can get a better understanding of your costs and how to minimize them.

Employee Time Tracking

Quick and simple interfaces help your workers in every role keep you up-to-date on their time, attendance and performance.

  • Get detailed time information by employee, location, position and more
  • Inform staff of job-specific details when they clock in
  • A wide range of hardware options, including ruggedized touch-screen terminals built for time tracking in harsh environments

Learn More About Employee Time Tracking

Biometric Time Tracking

Health and safety issues can seriously affect your operations. Touchless biometric time and attendance solutions offer options to protect your team and keep operations running smoothly.

  • Reduce viral transmission with touchless clock-in and -out features
  • Identify potential health risks with touchless employee temperature readings
  • Keep locations safe with facial and iris recognition that authenticates staff even when they are wearing masks, head wear, and/or facial hair

Learn More About Biometric Time Tracking 


Mobile Time Tracking

Making it easy for your staff to clock-in from wherever they are helps you better track and manage their time, and take advantage of the opportunities it presents.

  • Send and receive real-time, job-specific information to off-site staff
  • Make sure staff clock-in from the correct locations with GPS geo-fencing
  • Staff have access to the same information and data as if they are on-site

Learn More About Mobile Time Tracking


Scheduling & Shift Management

Built-in features help you optimize the entire process, with the flexibility to customize applications to your organizational requirements and goals. Even better, you get the data and two-way communications to spot and take advantage of opportunities for improvement.

  • Manage employee schedules for different locations, job roles, and more
  • Stay compliant with policies and procedures for scheduling staff, including by seniority, hours worked, shift length, pay rates and more
  • Make it faster and easier to submit shift-change requests, approve them and find eligible alternatives
  • Set-up and run regular shifts or shift rotations with set-it-and-forget-it ease

Learn More About Scheduling & Shift Management

Case Studies

Learn more about how operations just like yours use our Workforce Management Solutions to improve their service delivery and optimize their budgets.

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Sector-Specific Solutions

Manusonic is proud our work with leading organizations in a wide variety of sectors to develop workforce management solutions that are responsive to the specific requirements, circumstances and objectives of their respective industries.

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What our customers say

Manusonic took away all the manually processing from the payroll team by giving us a tool to access punches that are happening at the at every property directly into the payroll system.
It also allows for seamless flexibility with our constantly changing markets in hospitality, workers must be available to work anywhere on the fly.

Susie Goodwin, Director I.T. Pomeroy Lodging

Manusonic rapidly configured a modern time and attendance solution that enforces the overtime and break laws in each state.
The seamless integration with Sage 300 saves us hours of data entry and enables us to cost efficiently scale the business

Dennis Chong, Director, IT Services

The hand punch system has been very well received by our staff. It feels less intrusive than a fingerprint system, yet has the security we were looking for.

Helen Schols, Controller The Best Western Lamplighter Inn