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Biometric Time Clocks
Just Got Smarter

The iT 100 is a contactless biometric time tracker that uses innovative, safe and secure iris and facial recognition technology, combined with thermal capability, to give you a smart time & attendance solution.

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The Fastest, Most Advanced Time & Attendance Solution

iT100 sets new standards for biometric authentication in workforce management systems.

Clock In & Out Faster than Ever

Authentication is automatically confirmed quickly and easily, just by looking at the screen. No cards. No fobs. No mistakes.

Reduce Sick Days, Increase Productivity

To minimize the chances of spreading viruses, the optional contactless thermal scanner alerts management if an employee exceeds a preset body temperature.

Keep Your Organization Secure

The combination of iris and facial recognition offers the highest level of biometric security and practicality, including reliable authentication for visitors wearing masks, sunglasses, hats, facial hair, etc..


How the IT100 Works

From onboarding to everyday functionality, the IT100 is fast, easy to use and reliable.


Enroll Users

Adding a user, for both facial and iris recognition, takes about two minutes, aided by features like automatic confirmation that the user is the right distance from the system.


Clock In & Out

The user simply approaches the IT100, which automatically confirms when the user is in position. The built-in camera’s automatic tilt feature intuitively finds and reads the user’s facial and eye patterns.



User’s are quickly authenticated with clear confirmation on the large 7” LCD display. If authentication can’t be confirmed, management is immediately alerted through one or more channels.

The Most Feature-Rich Platform of Its Kind

From the ability to handle high throughput, to ensuring the protection of users’ personal identifiable information, IT100 has everything you need to improve your operations.

Easy Setup & Integration

With sturdy wall mount or desktop configurations, and a single point of PoE connectivity, the iT 100 is ready to install and integrate with your back-office applications, including customized options for payroll; job costing; accounting and HR.

Advanced Safety & Security

iT 100 is tested and certified to meet UL, ANSI, and international eye safety standards. Images and other PII is not stored. All information is encrypted and protected by a secure boot platform and advanced network security.

Completely Contactless

During enrollment and day-to-day use, there is no need for users to touch the iT 100. The user interface features self-guidance instructions and images. iT 100 can also be configured to work with smart cards and proxy cards.

What our customers say

Manusonic took away all the manually processing from the payroll team by giving us a tool to access punches that are happening at the at every property directly into the payroll system.
It also allows for seamless flexibility with our constantly changing markets in hospitality, workers must be available to work anywhere on the fly.

Susie Goodwin, Director I.T. Pomeroy Lodging

Manusonic rapidly configured a modern time and attendance solution that enforces the overtime and break laws in each state.
The seamless integration with Sage 300 saves us hours of data entry and enables us to cost efficiently scale the business

Dennis Chong, Director, IT Services

The hand punch system has been very well received by our staff. It feels less intrusive than a fingerprint system, yet has the security we were looking for.

Helen Schols, Controller The Best Western Lamplighter Inn

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